Yahya Sultan
He/ Him/His
Client Experience Manager, Oh My Green

Yahya Sultan is an account executive and digital advertising veteran with a background in campaign politics. His first foray into politics began during his undergraduate studies at William Paterson University, where he joined the New Jersey chapter of Young Democratic Socialists (YDS). At YDS, Yahya focused his efforts on social justice issues and civil liberty violations. He helped organize sit-ins, protests, rallies, and his work culminated in assisting exploited on-campus Sodexo workers in securing better benefits and bargaining power against the multi-national conglomerate machine.

Yahya's introduction into campaign politics began with Jon Corzine's Victory '09 campaign. Over the years, Yahya has worked in different capacities on local, state, and national campaigns, including grassroots work with FieldWorks, a D.C.-based political consulting firm, where he served as campaign director on several campaigns working across several states. His most recent political work has been with the Pakistani American Political Action Committee (PAKPAC), where he currently serves as an advisory committee member and marketing advisor. In his spare time, Yahya has advised mayors, council members, and other elected officials on how best to leverage social media.

Yahya is currently a Client Experience Manager at Garten (formerly Oh My Green), a health and wellness tech company based out of San Francisco, California. He also consults clients on digital advertising tactics and optimizing digital social strategies. He currently resides in northern New Jersey where he enjoys distance cycling, running, and Boston Kreme donuts.