Xidi Ma
Product Manager, DSPolitical

Cindy Ma is a Product Manager at DSPolitical, a company that integrates data and technology to deliver wins for progressive candidates, causes, and issues. There she helps build and manage the digital advertising tools powering campaigns to reach and persuade their target audiences. She is especially passionate about using digital tools in combating the spread of disinformation and ensuring that campaigns use data in privacy-conscious ways. Additionally, she leads the company's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force, in which she has played a crucial role in facilitating company-wide trainings and discussions around equity in the workplace, as well as developing initiatives to promote a more inclusive culture.

When she's not working on managing the technology behind political, digital campaigns, Cindy volunteers as a community organizer in Chinatown communities. She currently works with the Chinese Progressive Association on civic engagement, leadership development, and movement building in San Francisco. In the past, she has also worked on voter registration and tenant organizing initiatives in Manhattan's Chinatown. As a Chinese-American immigrant who grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, she loves having the opportunity to use her own multicultural experiences and language skills to connect across diverse communities.

Cindy graduated from Columbia University where she studied Economics and Mathematics.