WJ Woods
Ski Patroller/Fly Fishing Guide, Yellowstone Club

WJ Woods grew up in Colorado where his family always encouraged him and his siblings to appreciate the outdoors through skiing and fishing. WJ's love of the outdoors led him to earn his degree in Geology from St. Lawrence University and become a third-generation geologist in his family following his Grandfather and Mother. WJ worked in the mining industry for a number of years before realizing his true potential was for helping people and the environment. His experience in industry emphasized wasteful practices, which ultimately drove him to reevaluate what was important in his life and take action. He made a drastic life change to complete his EMT and become a Ski Patroller at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana, as well as a fly-fishing guide during the summer. Through these positions he is able to share his enthusiasm for the outdoors with others. He was also compelled to create a composting company from the ground up in response to the food waste practices he observed. His experiences have made him reflect on how he can impact his community and he is constantly brainstorming creative ways to help the environment. Today, he strives to live a better life and find new ways to help the environment and others around him.