Wilmaris Soto-Ramos
School Social Worker, LCSW , Roxbury Prep Charter School

Wilmaris Soto-Ramos is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in a Boston public charter school serving Middle Schoolers 5th-8th grade. Her background is in youth work and education.

Education has always been her passion as a first-generation college student. When she began working with youth in high school as a Tutor counselor for the academic summer program for first-generation students; Upward Bound, she gained the skills and knowledge she needed to continue to invest her time and efforts to make youth work her driving force. She attended Salve Regina University and declared Social Work as her major to advocate for youth who are often underserved in their communities. Shortly after graduating with her bachelor's in social work, Wilmaris signed up to serve with City Year in Providence, where she served as part of the first ever Central High School team in the city of Providence. Wilmaris' year of service as a ninth grade English Language Learners in an Algebra 1 class affirmed her drive to work with youth. While serving, she recognized the needs of her students were well beyond what the school could provide. The students faced many challenges such as learning to speak English as a second language, learning English for the first time in the 9th grade, their documented status along with a plethora of other challenges. However, their resiliency and ability to push themselves to succeed inspired her continuous efforts to remain in educational settings and address these systematic injustices that directly affect the most vulnerable youth. After her service year came to an end, she attended Boston University as part of the advance standing program and finished her MSW in a year. While at BU she interned for Roxbury Prep Charter School in Boston. In her first year she started the school's first ever Boys Group dedicated to 7th and 8th grade boys. She was hired after her first year and continues her boys group while balancing being a Diversity Facilitator for staff. Wilmaris truly believes in serving for a cause greater than self and is enthusiastic to continue her life's work through her passion of working with youth.