William Olson
He/ Him/His
Candidate for JD, Marquette University Law School

Will Olson is currently a first year law student at Marquette University Law School, with the eventual goal of combining his legal and scientific education to practice Intellectual Property Law. He is a member of the Intellectual Property Law Society and the American Constitution Society. Prior to starting law school, Will was a PhD candidate in Microbiology at UW-Madison where he focused on combining next generation sequencing with mass spectrometry to study the human parasite Toxoplasma gondii. This work included intensive experimentation and data analysis, but also grant application writing, manuscript preparation, and frequent presentations at national and international conferences. Will also participated in multiple mentorship programs while at UW-Madison, working with high school and undergraduate students who had an interest in careers in science. While at UW-Madison he served as the Chief Justice of the Associated Students of Madison Student Judiciary for nearly two years, presiding over hearings, writing opinions, and administering the budget.

Will moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 2014 and became heavily involved in political organizing, first as a volunteer for the 2016 Feingold Senate campaign, then as a canvasser for the Madison Isthmus Neighborhood Team and a volunteer with the 2018 Tammy Baldwin Senate campaign.

Currently, when Will is not reading legal text-books, he spends the majority of his free time working with his grassroots organizing group, Milwaukee Democratic Action. Will co-founded the group with three fellow volunteers after helping lead the Get Out The Vote efforts in Milwaukee during the 2018 midterm elections. Milwaukee Democratic Action organizes canvasses, phone banks, and other outreach efforts to influence the outcomes of elections and push for progressive policy goals at the local and statewide level. Will's primary responsibilities include graphic design of logos and apparel, volunteer recruitment, planning canvasses and phone banks, training canvassers, and organizing outreach events in downtown Milwaukee. Will also volunteers with another local group, Grassroots Northshore, where he serves as a local canvasser.