Valerie Stanson

Val is a native New Yorker, new resident of Colorado, and staunch advocate for environmental justice. She attended the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she earned her BS in Biology with an Environmental concentration. After presenting the results of her research at conferences like the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, she developed a deepened understanding of adverse health effects of air and water pollution on a wide range of health conditions. This solidified her commitment to advocate for sustainable and responsive public policies.  

She went on to earn her MPH in Environmental Health and to complete the Fellowship on Women and Public Policy at the State University of New York at Albany. Through her placement at the Department of Environmental Conservation in the Division of Water and NYC Watershed, she implemented The Pilot Pharmaceutical Take-Back Program, managing over 242 pharmacies and informing lawmakers on the Drug Take Back Law, which was passed in July 2018. Upon her move to Colorado, Val immersed herself in politics and worked on the Colorado Democratic Party's Coordinated Campaign as a Field Organizer in Adams County. At the core of her work is a deep appreciation the beauty of nature and belief in human responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations as well as to effectively mitigate the impact of human activity on environmental health and public health outcomes.

Outside of her passion for advocacy and the environment, Val also enjoys teaching trauma-informed yoga classes and exploring new activities. As of late, Val can be found playing the violin with her novice hands, exploring new recipes in her kitchen, relishing in the beauty of Coloradan trails, or tackling NY Times crossword puzzles.