Uriel Berrum
Effct, Partner



Uriel Berrum recently relocated to Denver and has become active in policy and local politics. Before joining Effct as Partner, Uriel worked on state tax and revenue policy as a fellow with Urban Leaders Fellowship. He brings experience in politics, policy, and finance to his current role at Effct where he is the business development lead. He works in tandem with the CEO to develop and implement winning digital strategies for the company’s clients.

In late 2018, Uriel co-founded, Building the Bench, a small donor committee in the State of Colorado in order to help elect Latinx candidates, progressive candidates of color, and first time candidates of color. For the 2018 midterms, Building the Bench monetarily helped 9 Latinas in Colorado get elected across the state.

Uriel spent over two years working in finance with Goldman Sachs. Uriel served as a risk analyst covering a wide range of industries including: aerospace and defense, manufacturing, shipping, and transportation. He also covered municipal entities on the Public finance team covering state and local government, higher education, healthcare, and public utilities. While at Goldman, Uriel participated in various high level committees coordinating with local teams and federal regulators as a part of the Shared National Credit Examination. He helped the firm develop a new rating methodology that addressed the changes to public accounting practices on pension plans. He was also a member of the Steering Committee for the office-wide Hispanic and Latino Network.

Uriel graduated from the University of Denver (DU) with a B.A. in Economics, Public Policy and his personal favorite, a minor in Philosophy. He earned his degree with distinction for writing his undergraduate senior thesis: Closing the Achievement Gap: A Look into Hispanic Underperformance in Educational Opportunity where he analyzed the historical, cultural, and economic factors contributing to the low high school Latino graduation rates in the United States. Uriel Berrum is a native Coloradan, his parents are both natives of Mexico, and he was the first in family to earn a college degree. Uriel enjoys traveling, exercising, reading philosophy, and staying active in the community. He is U.S. history enthusiast and enjoys learning about the post WW2 era.