Tracy Marie McNeil
Citizen Activist

Tracy Marie McNeil is a lawyer, a citizen, and an activist who believes it takes individual action to move the moral arc of history towards justice. Shortly after graduating Swarthmore College with a BA in religion she was selected to be a juror on a murder trial. That experience highlighted to her the racial and economic inequalities in the judicial system, inspiring her to quit her job and, within the week, start interning in the NYC Court System. After working her way up from junior court analyst up to legal secretary to the Administrative Judge of NYC Civil Courts, she then decided to take her career to the next level by going to Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

Tracy Marie McNeil has been a Housing Court Attorney in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan Housing Courts. In 2011 Ms. McNeil was appointed Special Counsel to the Deputy Chief Administrative Judge of New York City Trial Courts. In charge of all 26 New York State Courts’ Pro Se Help Centers, some of her other responsibilities included teaching CLEs, webinars on new technologies, and diversity trainings for judges, attorneys, and clerks. In 2016 Ms. McNeil left the court system for The Legal Aid Society of New York, where she represented abused and neglected children in the Bronx Family Court. Since moving to Broward County in 2017 she has taught numerous voter engagement and voter registration trainings for the Democratic Party, and spoken on various legal panels and at public events.

Tracy Marie McNeil currently sits on the boards of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, American Civil Liberties Union of Broward County, and the Voter Participation Project, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving political discourse and protecting voter rights. An avid hiker, Ms. McNeil has completed the John Muir Trail, the Camino de Santiago (Franco), & Tour du Mont Blanc. She hopes to climb Denali and Kilimanjaro in the next 5 years. In July 2018 Ms. McNeil took on her most difficult challenge to date by becoming a parent for the first time.