Toni Wilson
National Young Women's Advisory Council Manager, Girls for Gender Equity

Toni Wilson (she/her/hers) is a social worker, community organizer, and self-identified Black/Hood Feminist and protector of all things Black Girl Magic. She is a Black girl born and raised in Brooklyn with roots in Jamaica; dancing to dancehall, soca, and afrobeats is her resistance. She is a recent graduate of Silberman School of Social Work (May 2018). Through youth work, community organizing, and social justice work, Toni uses her radical imagination to help herself and her community envision a world where everyone believes in the promise of all Black and Brown young people, specifically Black girls. Toni has managed and facilitated The Young Women's Advisory Council and supported young people as they engaged in Girls for Gender Equity's campaign work. She now leads and supports in expanding YWI (Young Women's Initiative) national work. Toni grounds her healing work at the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, body, and culture because she strongly believes only through those lenses is true liberation possible. Toni is an activist of Body Liberation and avid believer in radical and unapologetic self love. Toni is also a steering committee member for the Undoing Racism Internship Project helping MSW students to organize for anti racist curriculum and schools across New York City and a Youth Counselor for the Ali Forney Center. In her own time, she is currently partnering with one of her best homegirls in launching a podcast in 2020. She enjoys journaling, live concerts, and collecting bamboo earrings. Toni holds a BA in Sociology and Gender Studies from Purchase College, State University of New York.