Tobin Abraham
Rep. Tram Nguyen, Legislative Aide

Tobin Abraham is a graduate of Boston College Law School and an attorney licensed to practice law in Massachusetts. Starting in January 2019, Tobin will serve as the legislative aide for newly elected State Representative Tram Nguyen. Tobin enthusiastically joined Tram’s campaign in June 2018 after learning about her at a Somerville Democratic City Committee meeting and was eager to help elect a woman of color to state office.

While working on Tram’s campaign, first as a volunteer and then as Operations Director, Tobin brought his strong work ethic and passion for the job. His responsibilities have been varied and include drafting memoranda and public statements, assisting with scheduling and staffing events, responding to voters’ questions, and working closely with volunteers. As a legislative aide, Tobin will build on his work and the relationships he has developed to help serve the people of the 18th Essex District.

As a child of immigrants and a person of color, Tobin cares deeply about issues that disproportionately affect minorities and other vulnerable populations in our society. In 2015, he marched alongside Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson in McKinney, Texas following an incident involving police officers and black teens at a pool party in a gated neighborhood. During the 2016 election, he was part of a team of volunteer lawyers that observed polls in New Hampshire to ensure that voter protections were not being violated.

In his spare time, Tobin enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. He enjoys books and articles on a variety of topics, including criminal justice reform, gender, history, law, politics, and works of fiction and actively seeks to diversify the authorship he reads. He also loves to listen to podcasts on law and politics, including Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick, Justice in America, Lovett or Leave It, Pod Save America, Radiolab Presents: More Perfect, and Stay Tuned with Preet.