Tiffany Lanier

Tiffany Lanier is a globally recognized Inspirational Speaker, Clarity Coach, Strategist, and Founder of A Modern Visionary, where she supports and inspires leaders to "Give a Damn.”

Tiffany graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University in 2010 with a Bachelors in Mass Media Communications and a minor in Psychology.  While at FSU, Tiffany founded Kauz4unity Coalition (spelled funky because “creative”) to help build unity in diversity on her college campus. Dedicated to creating change for the next generation, Tiffany also became a lead facilitator and mentor for several youth organizations and programs such as PeaceJam, Boys and Girls Club, Challenge Day, and the L.I.V.E Initiative.

Upon graduation, Tiffany began working with an eco-startup in South Florida, where she experienced first-hand a paradigm shift that was revolutionizing businesses: the expansion of social enterprise and the evolution of digital marketing.

In 2012, Tiffany launched a local Digital Marketing company helping small businesses take their presence from local to global. By 2014 Tiffany set her sights on building her own global community, launching her international consultancy and influencer brand, Known as the "Queen of Clarity" Tiffany has worked with clients and students all over the world in personal growth, business development, and new media while inspiring thousands of people to pursue their vision.  

With her personal brand continuing to expand coupled with her most recent endeavor, A Modern Visionary, Tiffany is fueled by the motto: Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously. Whether she is speaking to college students, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders or executives, Tiffany challenges her audience to re-discover who they are, what they stand for, and what matters. Her self-reflective approach helps her audience and clients overcome obstacles keeping them from showing up more consciously and powerfully in the way they live, lead, and work.