Thomith Chin

Growing up in abject poverty and raised by a single-mother, education was almost too far a pursuit for Thomith Chin. There were many times that he could not afford to pay a one-dollar monthly fee for an English class taught by a monk in the monastery when he was in Cambodia. Breakfast and lunch were often a trade-off with a part-time class fee. He had to skip either one of them or both to save money to pay for part-time classes. In an interview by the marketing and advertising department at the Community College of Rhode Island, Thomith recalled hiding behind a tree in the backyard of the temple next to an English class because he didn’t have money to pay. He managed to graduate from high school in 2012. Unfortunately, he could not continue on his journey to the university because of his family livelihood.

In 2014, he moved to America with his mother and younger sister to Providence, RI. Thomith  worked as an assembly line worker in a Uxbridge, MA factory, while attending English-as-a-second-language- classes at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI). He later graduated and earned an Associate’s degree in Business with the Highest Honor there in 2017.

Currently, Thomith is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law and a Master’s degree in Public Policy at the University of Virginia (UVA) to fulfill his education dream. He is also establishing an international organization called, “International Youth for a Better World.” Thomith plans to run a public office to pay back America. He ultimately plans to go back to Cambodia to run for prime minister.

Besides academic and work, Thomith enjoys playing soccer, playing guitar, singing, watching various kind of sports, traveling, readings.