Thomas Luethi
Swiss Services America, LLC, Managing Director

Thomas Luethi founded Swiss Services America, LLC in early 2016. Thomas wanted to build an innovative company focused on eco-friendly housing projects that offer affordable, comfortable options in the United States that are also safe for hurricane conditions. After sourcing projects and researching possible land development sites, Thomas secured European investors to help fund this new concept in housing.  Thomas also secured a "dream team" of local builders and engineers who hold the same vision for future residential small footprint home communities in Orlando and Central Florida.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Thomas received an expansive education with a 4-year degree in automotive engineering and mechanics at the Gewerblich Industrielle Berufschule Bern. Thomas then put his degree to work in the Swiss Army as a member of the light armored tank division, specializing in urban warfare and anti-terrorism. Directly after the 9/11 attack in the United States, Thomas's platoon was deployed to secure the Embassies of the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel as part of a special protection unit. After this prestigious assignment, Thomas was deployed to Kosovo as part of a multi-national task force. Thomas served in Kosovo for over 18 months as part of a unit that prevented human trafficking and bloodshed between the Serbian and Albanian enclaves.

After his time in the Swiss Army, Thomas worked for 2 years in the civilian sector in Switzerland before starting a contract with an international company with branches throughout the United States. In 2009, Thomas was located in Denver, Colorado, where he worked his way up in the company to the assistant branch manager position. After being relocated to Orlando, Florida, he took over the shop manager position managing  seven employees.

Wanting a bigger challenge, in 2015 Thomas changed his field of expertise into real estate. Thomas has since worked as a Florida licensed real estate professional helping his clients making informed decisions about buying, selling or investing in real estate. Through this experience, over time, he has seen the disparity of lower-income workers who are unable to enjoy home ownership or even rent a decent home in safe areas. Seeing that developers were not meeting this need, Thomas took the matter into his own hands and founded Swiss Services America, LLC. From the founding of his company, Thomas hopes to take Central Florida into the 21st  century with eco-friendly housing that everyone can afford and enjoy.