Thomas Caruso
He/ Him/His
Strategist, community organizer

Thomas Caruso is a recent graduate of UC Cincinnati with lifelong interest in politics. Hailing from a working class Appalachian family, Thomas has personally experienced many of the difficulties which many American families now face. Initially this pushed him towards social work and the broader nonprofit world. This suddenly changed with an emergency family expansion which lead to his partner caring for four children. Seeing the first-hand effects of poorly drafted and ill-maintained policy measures, Thomas changed his focus from individual advocacy to analyzing and developing policies. Seeing that a wide array of patchwork programs can be at times counterintuitive and leave many falling through the cracks, he knew that his energies could be better spent uplifting entire communities. Combining knowledge gained from research with practical field experiences in working with at-risk populations, Thomas seeks to identify where the interests of diverse groups intersect to forge communities.

It is in this community-focused engagement, from the local to the international, which Thomas finds to be an integral part of solving the problems humanity must overcome in the near term. One of the long-term projects of interest for Thomas is adapting the techniques of local community building to a broader scale, with the hopes of fostering a broader cosmopolitan worldview to be shared by stakeholders at every level of governance and society.