Terrance Harris
Local Coordinator, Student Ambassador Exchange

Terrance Harris has a passion to create programs in rural Virginia that would help underserved and at-risk youth find stability, support, and secure an education when they have little to no family support.

Terrance Harris was born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia. He has witnessed first hand what youths who are in and out of foster care or who come from impoverished backgrounds face. With no family or community support they disappear into the system and lose all tools for success. Growing up in an area where drugs and opioids ran rampant, Terrance has lost dear friends to not only drugs and opioids, but suicide. These events have orchestrated that path that he now follows, a desire to be the light in as many people's lives that he can.

Terrance Harris attended Hampden-Sydney College from which he graduated in May 2016. While there, he worked on theatrical and art projects to drive the conversation of LGBT+ rights on the mostly conservative campus. After college he spent time traveling around Europe and America, living in San Francisco and most recently Massachusetts. It was there that he mentored youth by providing them not only a friend, but a resource.

Terrance Harris plans to use his networking skills, as well as his friendly nature to lead conversations about the underserved and at-risk youth in the commonwealth. He plans to use his connections and the teachings he receives from NLC to organize programs, events, and fundraising to garnish support for youths by creating an outlet to seek help and friendship. He wants them to know that there is a community of people that want to help them find both homes and success.