Tauhid Chappell
He/ Him/His
Audience Engagement Editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Tauhid Chappell is an Executive Board member of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, the first and oldest association of black journalists in the U.S. Recently he worked as a social media producer at The Washington Post before joining the Philadelphia Inquirer as an engagement editor, where he analyzes reader behavior on search, social and digital platforms.

In 2008 Tauhid was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune deficiency disorder. Using cannabis helps manage his condition and his triggers. During his days off, he works part-time as a cannabis patient advisor for the medical marijuana dispensary, Herbology.

In April 2019, he founded the Color of Cannabis Conference, Philadelphia's first cannabis conference that was led by a media nonprofit which educated media professionals and community members on all aspects of cannabis - from its history to current industry trends.