Suad Yusuf
Program Director, Global Minds Initiative

Suad Yusuf is dedicated to human rights, youth empowerment, and local and international development. This passion to bridge local community level engagement and global development led Suad to pursue dual master's degrees in Social Work and International Development. As a result, she has also interned with the Global Switchboard and Allegheny County Department of Human Services to understand the work of globally-minded agencies, and to gain skills in nonprofit management. In 2017, Suad became a graduate fellow with the African Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh. In this role, she researched and studied issues related to Africa, and assisted with preparing high school students for Model African Union simulations. She promoted the African Studies certificate at different events and worked with the outreach coordinator to develop strategies to foster understanding of Africa.

After completing her graduate program, she traveled to Somaliland to teach at Abaarso School of Science and Technology. As a teacher, she designed lessons for seventh- through ninth-grade students. She also developed activities for a social justice club and planned a history fair. Her experience as an educator exposed her to teaching and understanding the needs of English Language Learners. Her goal is to encourage global citizenship through positive youth development.