Stephanie Segovia
Program Director, Educational Leader, Non-Profit Leader, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Community Healer, Salvadorean Leader

Stephanie Marina Segovia is an immigrant and first-generation Salvadoran-American who is passionate about helping Latinx people become leaders of their community.

Stephanie was born in Los Angeles, CA, but had the privilege of growing up in San Salvador, El Salvador. At the age of 13 she moved to Firebaugh, a small farming town in California's Central Valley. From her experiences growing up in El Salvador, came her love and respected for coffee. Nowadays, you can find her sipping her favorite "cafe negro" and exploring the coffee industry of El Salvador to find ways to uplift the economy of her country by helping small farmers and indigenous communities from the region.

In addition, Stephanie has a B.A. degree in Chicano and Latinos Studies from Sonoma State University and an M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of San Francisco. In addition, she has conducted research studies on the experiences of Latinx students in higher education institutions and evaluated support programs like Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) on it's impact on marginalized college students, in particular Latinx students. Her most recent research study looks at the impact that the work of Undocumented Student Support Centers and Programs have had on improving the college experience of Undocumented students in the state of California.

Stephanie's past work experience includes being the Program Director for Chicana Latina Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides financial and leadership support to Latina college students to achieve their personal, educational, and professional goals. Plus, some of her past roles include High School Advisor for the Migrant Program in Sonoma County, Program Coordinator for the Tutorial Center at Sonoma State, and Workshop Instructor for the Summer Bridge Program at UC Berkeley. Stephanie is an alumna of the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley Program, as well as, an alumna of the Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute and a past member of the Latino Community Foundation South Bay Giving Circle.

As Stephanie undertakes her entrepreneurship journey, she hopes to continue educating and sharing resources with her community to continue creating pipeline programs for Latinx and marginalized communities to prosper.