Stephan Cardella
Montana Medical Cannabis Advocates, Medical Administrator

Stephan Cardella is a politically-active businessman from Missoula. He is passionate about progressive health care issues and battling addiction within our great state. Stephan has volunteered within his community and in Iowa for our most recent presidential election.

Currently, Stephan works for the Montana Medical Marijuana Program to facilitate change and advocate for patient-friendly policy within the program. He is currently working on his own not-for-profit to help bring affordable access and information to Montanans interested in alternative medicinal sources. He hopes to bring his perspective and leadership to combat the opiate crisis and the consistent problem of alcoholism destroying the lives on Montanans by shaping policy and being tenacious in this fight.

Throughout his professional and personal life, he has held many leadership positions and his diverse work background and experience help him maintain a well-rounded perspective in his pursuits. He has travelled around the United States to gain a better understanding of our nation and the people living within it.

As a young professional residing in the Missoula area, he is passionate about connecting with his community and having conversations to gain a better grasp of the diverse political climate in Montana. Aside from his professional and political interests, Stephan is an avid dog lover and enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, and competitive sports.