Stef Hogan
Scrum Master/Asst Director, SkuVault

Stef Hogan is an accomplished Scrum Master and leader in the software industry. Thriving in start-up business settings, she excels at finding solutions for complex problems, motivating groups and empowering others. She has a unique ability to bring together different people and motivate them to work toward a common goal.

Outside of her professional life, Stef is a contributor to the community she loves. She is a firm believer that every person deserves love, acceptance and a chance to follow their dreams. This belief has led her to passionately follow her own dreams while raising awareness for others. Combining her passion for cycling, she raised over $5,000 for HIV/AIDS awareness and education programs while cycling 545 miles down the coast of California ( Stef also raised over $1,000 for the American Lung Association while completing her first Half-Ironman.

While Stef enjoys raising awareness for causes she supports, she thrives when giving back directly to others. This has led to her organizing and implementing several outreaches with the homeless community in Louisville. Stef has also led and organized community events around gun reform - inviting citizens and public leaders to roundtable discussions on how they can work together to make a difference.

She is always ready for her next challenge, her new adventure and to meet and learn from someone different than herself. She describes herself as passionate and is determined to use her many strengths to improve the lives of those not only in her community, but around the world.