Sophia Clark
Russian Interpreter, IRCO

Sophia Clark is a multi-lingual recent graduate with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in International and Global Studies from Portland State University. She has lived in Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, and the United States. She is half American from her father's side and half Ukrainian from her mother's. She grew up in Denmark from the age of nine until nineteen and then moved to the US.

Over the past seven years Sophia has lived in the US where she had the opportunity to work with a variety of non-profit organizations such as Janus Youth Programs, Catholic Charities and Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). Also, during her first years of higher education she was a Student Ambassador for a student club "Conversation Café" at Portland Community College.

She has worked with youth that have run away or are homeless, refugees and international students. From the classes she has taken to the opportunities she had working with a wide range of people, she has gained interest in law, especially immigration law.

Sophia is currently enrolled in a program called "Explore the Law" at Portland State University where she is learning more about the legal field. She is excited to be part of NLC to expand her network and enhance her leadership skills and knowledge in order to help those who are seeking help, whether that is with finding resources or standing up for their rights. Guided by compassion, integrity, reflection, perseverance and progress, Sophia seeks to improve community and lives, of immigrants and people experiencing homelessness.

Additionally, Sophia is a climate and renewable energy activist and in her free time, she enjoys sailing, fencing, cooking and playing chess.