Somayeh Kashi
Art Teacher, Concord School District

Somayeh Kashi is a first generation American, first daughter of two Iranian born parents that immigrated to the United States of America in the late 70's. Somayeh began her life within the fine arts from an early age. Her parents decided to enroll her in various diverse art courses, and even private lessons in Iran where she also lived for a few years.

This all led her to Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in Architectural Design. Inspired, she wanted to be able to share her passion for the arts and continued her education. She then received a Master in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix.

Shortly after graduation she worked for a year as an Interior Designer at 3W Design, where she was featured in New Hampshire Magazine. Today, Somayeh teaches Visual Arts full-time at Rundlett Middle School. As well as oversees the National Junior Art Honor Society chapter at RMS.

She is also a mother of two school-aged children in Bow, NH. And a wife to business owner/entrepreneur by day and musician/drummer by night. Aside from creating lesson plans in her evenings, she also paints, enjoys photography, and experiments with various other art forms. She is also an avid traveler, who enjoys traveling around the world and camping.