Sloka Iyengar
Associate Medical Director , Phase Five Communications

Sloka Iyengar PhD, PMP is a neuroscientist, science educator and science advocate,passionate about using her science and dance training for public good. Born and raised in Ahmedabad, India, Sloka worked at a shelter for stray animals after her undergraduate studies in pharmacy. She then continued her studies at the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Medicine, where her research focused on understanding how neuronal circuits generate and sustain epileptic seizures. After her postdoctoral study in an academic setting, Sloka transitioned to clinical research, where she worked closely with adults and children with refractory epilepsies. One of the trials led to the eventual approval of cannabidiol in subjects with specific epilepsy syndromes by the FDA. Currently, Sloka is an Associate Medical Director at Phase Five Communications, where she works with pharmaceutical companies to develop educational content and strategy for drugs and medical devices for a global audience.

Sloka is involved in neuroscience outreach and advocacy. She has visited Capitol Hill several times to lobby for basic neuroscience funding to elected officials. As an educator, she has developed curricula and taught neuroscience and forensic science to middle-school and high-school students. Presently, she teaches neuroscience and evolution to educators at the American Museum of Natural History. She developed the Basic Science section of to communicate advances in basic epilepsy research to patients and caregivers globally.

Sloka is also a professional dancer and performer of the 2000-year-old classical Indian dance form known as Bharatanatyam. She teaches dance and has started a program to bring dance to residents of New York City nursing homes.