Shundrice Tucker
Outreach Director, Educators for Excellence

Shundrice Tucker is devoted to advancing equity and justice and believes "nobody's free until everybody's free." Born and raised in the South, Shundrice grew up in an animated household that valued service to humanity. She completed her undergraduate studies at Tennessee State University and earned an M.F.A. from DePaul University. With extensive professional experience in youth development, theatre arts, and public education, she is inspired by the Marian Wright Edelman quote, "if you don't stand for children, you don't stand for much." She has been a drama teacher and program director in Chicago, New York and the Twin Cities. She is ready to participate deeper in the movement for education, economic and environmental justice. Shundrice serves on the FWTEC Advisory Committee and Harrison Education Site Council and enjoys biking, politics, traveling and film. She is also a proud organizer with Educators for Excellence.