Shrina Kurani
Republic, Chief of Staff

Shrina Kurani is the Chief of Staff at Republic, democratizing access to capital through new regulation and technology. She is a fierce believer in the power of innovation to solve the world's most pressing problems, and has four years of international experience supporting government projects and startups from London to the Himalayas. As a mechanical engineer by training, she loves building the entrepreneurial tech community the same way she builds machines: with a robust foundation and strong purpose. Shrina started her engineering career at NASA and the Southern California Gas Company, having earned her M.S. from Sweden's top university for sustainability in Lund, and her B.S. from her hometown's UC Riverside. After conducting her research in carbon sequestration of biomass in the Mediterranean, Shrina became involved in the United Nations Climate Change Conferences following the Paris Agreement at COP21. She has since participated in climate negotiations in Marrakech, Bonn, and Katowice. Shrina turns to entrepreneurship as a mechanism to level the playing field: first, as the CEO and co-founder of FoodNest focusing on decreasing food waste in the supply chain through image recognitions, and then continued on to the founding team of the World Bee Project supporting the creation of sustainable alternative livelihoods around the world, before landing on the founding team of Sutro, a recently acquired start-up monitoring water quality through microfluidics. Shrina joined the investment team at Better Ventures in early 2017, an early stage venture capital firm focusing backing companies building a better world.

Shrina helped build the foundation of Better Venture's investment thesis in sustainability and the future of food, while driving diversity and inclusion in the investment ecosystem. Shrina currently leads platform-wide projects focused on generating access to innovation, capital, and investment opportunities.