Shola Farber
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, The Tuesday Company

Shola Farber is an organizer and a technologist who believes in the power of people-centered tech to build a more inclusive democracy. After completing her master's in public policy and international law, Shola served in the Obama Administration's National Economic Council. Her portfolio at the NEC was focused on public-private partnerships and the education-to-employment pipeline for the green economy. Shola's belief in journalism as a fundamental pillar of democracy led her to take a role on the business side at POLITICO. Shola left our nation's capital to become a battleground state Regional Director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. She led a team of organizers in the only county in Michigan where the margin for democrats went up from 2012.

Following the campaign, Shola co-founded The Tuesday Company to revolutionize how we organize and activate supporters online. The Tuesday Company's digital tool, Team, allows candidates, nonprofits, and unions to build community around taking meaningful action that meets people where they are.

As the child of a single parent who grew up in a tight-knit community on the eastern end of Long Island, Shola learned the value of volunteering and serving the local community by tagging along to the citizenship classes her mom taught at the local library. Shola looks forward to sharing with the NLC community how digital apps can help repair American democracy, even as she brings the best practices of community organizing and relationship-building to progressive nonprofits and advocacy organizations.

Shola has been invited to speak, teach, mentor, and pitch investors at Higher Ground Labs, Y Combinator, HERImpact, DC Startup Week, UC Berkeley, and the US Chamber of Commerce, among other places. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Shola is a people person who finds great satisfaction in fitting all the puzzle pieces of running a company together.