Sheba Williams
Founder / Executive Director, Nolef Turns Inc.

Sheba Williams was born and raised in Richmond, VA, where she currently resides with her 3 children and longtime partner, Antoine. She lived in the Hampton Roads area for 10 years, where she obtained her Bachelor in Business Management, her professional licenses in Cosmetology and Barbering, and her Master Barber Instructor's license. She returned to her hometown of Richmond, VA in 2012 and began working exclusively as a mobile barber-stylist, traveling to clients anywhere from Maryland to North Carolina. Meeting and knowing so many people from different walks of life and being actively involved in so many community service projects, Sheba found that more people than she realized had at least one thing in common with her... a felony conviction. Her passion for helping others to be more than a conviction led to her starting her nonprofit organization, Nolef Turns Inc. in 2016. The organization provides support for those with justice involvement by helping to get people back to work, providing guidance for potential entrepreneurs and business owners, and creating strong, economically stable communities.

Ms. Williams began speaking around Virginia and began to work closely with people with systems involvement, children with incarcerated parents, and youth in detention centers and diversion programs. She was increasingly alarmed about the racial and economic disparities that existed in every area of criminal and juvenile systems and began advocating towards solutions for change in her community. In a bold attempt to reform the criminal and juvenile justice systems, Ms. Williams made an open call for collaboration to other organizations and members of her community. She joined the National Juvenile Justice Network to connect with others who were working towards a goal of redemption for youth with justice involvement. The Institute of Forgiveness - a trade school and mentoring program for youth, community members with vested interest in change, and those with previous justice involvement would be formed as a direct result of the need for reform in two broken systems. Ms. Williams works tirelessly for reform in two broken systems and never gives up on empowering those who are directly impacted. It's a daily fight to prove to others that a conviction does not eliminate all positive potential in a person.