Shaun Ford
He/ Him/His
Student Success Advisor, The University of the Incarnate Word, School of Professional Studies

Shaun Ford serves as the Student Success Advisor for the University of the Incarnate Word, School of Professional Studies. He is a 2019-2020 Texas Partner in Policymaking fellow. Shaun is an alumnus of Texas State University with multiple degrees in Sociology, Rhetoric and Composition, and Applied Philosophy and Ethics. He is regarded as an expert in critical disability studies (CDS) and neurodiversity advocacy. Shaun has delivered lectures on CDS to graduate classes; written for publications such as Global Comment; consulted for pieces by Seattle NPR, In These Times, and a forthcoming publication by Washington Post journalist Eric Michael Garcia; contributed to studies of Autistic employment issues, and aided with the conceptual design and effective messaging at Mentra - a hiring platform for Autistic jobseekers. He is passionate about addressing the issues regarding disability employment and the fact that 60-70% percent of disabled people are unemployed or underemployed.

As a disability advocate and devotee of CDS, Shaun seeks to reap the power of critical examination of the concept of disability to spur progressive action toward a more inclusive world. Shaun seeks to bring CDS to the public through public scholarship models revolving around disability studies and advocacy frameworks. As the founder of the Public Disability Studies group, currently boasting 124 members, he hopes to grow the base of knowledge regarding disability and disability issues from the classroom and into the town square. Shaun envisions a public education and online video engagement to include free community courses in disability history, critical thought on disability issues, and collective action to create macro-change, progressive solutions to merge with existing micro-level solutions, such as hiring platforms.