Shaun Dowdell
Youth On Record, Production Assistant/Co-Host

Shaun Don tha TRUTH (Teach Resilience Utilizing The Heart) is a Denver based Hiphop Artist, Educator, and MC. Heavily influenced by his native Oakland, Cali roots, Shaun blends West Coast style with East Coast understanding. A 2018 Youth On Record Fellowship award winner, Shaun cultivates spaces for community dialogue to address love, self-identity, trauma and mental health through workshops engaging poetics and music. During his studies at Kansas State University, Shaun first began to organize students as critical thinkers of systematic oppression. He has worked with youth at risk since 2014 as an intensive mentor, educator, and community leader. Shaun is currently a co-host and production assistant for the podcast My Youth On Record, "where artists share the music they created as teens". With hopes to bring awareness to the mental health and love of Black Men and Black Boys, Shaun Don will be releasing his debut album and poetry project Roots of a Black Rose in late Spring 2019. Shaun challenges perceptions of western masculinity as a Black Son of his bi-racial mother and white Gramma, while attempting to understand the absence of his Father and Grandfathers. There are countless battles of depression, suicide, and love intertwined through truthtelling. Please consider joining Shaun in the movement towards peace, forgiveness, and Truth.