Saraya Boghani
Senior Academic Coach, Capella University

Saraya Boghani (she/her) is a multiracial, Minneapolitan, Millennial excited for the future. Born west of the Twin Cities to a long line of educators, she strengthened her passion for hearing the world's stories and social justice within the walls of St. Paul's Hamline University. Current day finds her across the Mississippi river working in Minneapolis. As a Senior Academic Coach, she supports graduate students all over the world as they complete degrees in Social Work, Human Services, Public Administration, Emergency Management, and Criminal Justice programs with Minnesota's own Capella University.

Saraya appreciates hearing from and helping adult learners navigate higher education in service to their local communities. Saraya is also pursuing a Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity in theory and practice. She's extended her love of learning and storytelling as the audio engineer and co-host of Matter of Fat: a body positive podcast with Midwest Sensibilities. Matter of Fat, recorded in the volunteer-based Minneapolis Community radio station KFAI, delves into the sociocultural politics of body positivity and fat liberation through poignant interviews and thoughtful pop and political assessments. There are plenty more stories to be heard and Saraya is ready to get to work uplifting the voices around her.