Sarah Inskeep
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, Communications and Digital Manager

Sarah Inskeep serves as the Communications and Digital Manager at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio. Activism, coalition work, and community organizing are the foundation of her personal and professional advocacy and political work.

Sarah began her involvement with the progressive movement while in college at the University of Cincinnati. She was the founding President of the University of Cincinnati’s Planned Parenthood Generation Action student group, which engaged and organized young people around the fight reproductive freedom and access to comprehensive and affordable health care for all.

Her college involvement guided her into her organizing and communications career with Planned Parenthood. Since 2016, Sarah worked across Ohio, organizing communities and supporters around presidential and midterm electoral campaigns. In her current communications role, Sarah helped launch Planned Parenthood affiliates of Ohio first super PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes Ohio. Her organizing and advocacy background providers her the tactical edge when communicating complex legislative and political messages to supporters, stakeholders, and policymakers.

As an Ohio native, Sarah seeks to bring her unique experience and passion for social justice into other work and community sectors across the state.