Sarah Al-Haj
Denver Public Schools, First Grade Teacher

Sarah Al-Haj is a First Grade Teacher with Denver Public Schools and strongly believes that the purpose of education is social justice. After graduating with a BS in Nursing from James Madison University, she joined the United States Peace Corps. Sarah served as a Community Health Empowerment and Promotion volunteer and worked with staff at the health center to develop programs to prevent non communicable diseases in her community. During her time with the Peace Corps, Sarah planned curriculum to engage students in practicing a healthy lifestyle, helped organize a female empowerment camp for high school students, and built lasting relationships with community members through cultural exchange. After serving two years in the Peace Corps, Sarah extensively started to question the systems that exist in her own society. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Education with a specific focus on culturally responsive pedagogy. Sarah has dedicated her career to figuring out how to make the education system more equitable for the diverse population of students in her community. She started her teaching career at Denver Center for International Studies at Fairmont Elementary where she embedded social justice into her daily lessons. After spending two years there, Sarah wanted to learn more about her community so she moved to Ellis Elementary where she is currently a first grade teacher. Ellis is a multicultural community where Sarah enjoys teaching and learning from her students. Sarah truly believes that every student is worthy of a purposeful, high-quality education that allows them to be change-makers in their communities.