Sara Lashanlo
Mechanical Engineer, Madorra

Sara Lashanlo is a mechanical engineer in the field of Feminine Technology (Femtech), a firm believer in pragmatic progressivism, and is always thinking about ways to better represent STEM in U.S. politics, to create a more harmonious, truly representative government of, by, and for the people.

Sara was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. After high school, she moved to San Luis Obispo to begin her journey at California Polytechnic State University. Five years, one change of major, one semester abroad, a newfound love of salsa and bachata dancing, and life-changing interpersonal relationships later, she graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus in the biomedical field.

Sara is a proud member of the Femtech industry; her first engineering career is with a company that is developing a non-hormonal treatment to increase the quality of life for women post-menopause. Outside of work, Sara has discovered and jumped right into active involvement with Citizens' Climate Lobby, an organization that pushes evidence-based, bipartisan legislation to combat man-made climate change. Looking forward, Sara is planning to use her engineering background, appreciation for innovation, understanding of technology, paired with her passion for social and environmental justice in her involvement with local, state, and federal political outreach. For a progressive USA, we must understand that STEM, activism, and politics must work harmoniously.

With every day that passes, Sara's commitment to a lifetime of activism and action for a healthy, just, progressive country and world only grows stronger. Within minutes of touching down in Washington, D.C for the first time in her life in November of 2019, she felt a wave of emotion. Walking through the halls of Congress and the exhibits of the museums, she felt a sense of patriotism and motivation like never before. Now, she's following through on the promise she made to herself to serve humanity.

Sara's pursuit of unification and expression extends into her hobbies. She enjoys connecting with her own mind, body, and spirit as well as connecting with others through dance - primarily salsa, bachata, and zouk. Fresh air, the ocean breeze, and the sound of nature are Sara's havens. She loves scrapbooking and collecting postcards. A newfound hobby of her's is collecting litter on her walks to work.