Sakib Shaikh
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Sakib Shaikh is a native Texan of Pakistani ancestry. Growing up, he was fortunate enough to travel at a very young age, exposing himself to various cultures and to the complexities of society. To broaden his understanding of the social and political movements which set the world in its current order, he sought to study Political Science in college with a focus on International Studies. During his final year he wanted to study abroad but couldn't decide on a single country, so he stumbled upon a program which promotes global studies in its purest form, by actually traveling the world. Semester at Sea allowed Sakib the privilege of traveling to Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, and Spain.

This program trained Sakib to understand the state of the world as it is. This led to a deeper understanding of society, commerce, government, and how they interconnect. His master's degree in International Relations focused on International Economic Studies which dove deeper into the cross-section of society, commerce, and government. Upon completion of his master's program he worked for a short while in Washington D.C. as a Counter-Terrorism Analyst before coming back to San Antonio to hone in on his information technology and business analysis skills which led him to his career as a Business Analyst. His drive for public service did not subside, and he created a leadership role for himself at his local Mosque, the Muslim Children Education and Civic Center. In Sakib's vision, the Mosque develops into something more than a place of worship, and that is a place where Muslims can learn how to add value to their city.

This compelled Sakib to establish a role for himself as the Director of Public Relations, whose sole focus would be to establish relationships with institutions outside of the traditional Islamic setting - be they churches, synagogues, universities, or organizing committees - and then work together to improve the communities they reside in. This passion ultimately led to an invitation to serve as a Board Member of the Muslim Children Education and Civic Center. As a Board Member Sakib has been able to bring together organizations such as MOVE Texas, The Center for Refugee Services, and Child Advocates of San Antonio to work together and benefit their respective constituents. Service to others has always been a passion for Sakib and he is always looking to improve his community.