Sade Jones
Entrepreneur, Self Employed

Sade M. Jones is a content creator, consultant and producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY and residing in Austin, TX. She specializes in mind-body connectivity, cultural discourse, artistic advocacy and identity engineering.

Sadé is a graduate of William Smith College and The University of Texas at Austin. She holds two degrees in Social Psychology focused on non-verbal behaviors, identity, socio-cultural beliefs systems, and group dynamics. She also holds certifications in Trauma-Informed Yoga and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Her professional artistic accomplishments span 17 years with award winning expertise in the interdisciplinary artistic praxis. With all of this knowledge, Sadé catapulted into the professional world, performing/creating over 40 works. Her work synthesizes the mind-body connection with the power of performance. It uses performing arts as a means to enrich, entertain, empower & inform the national conscience around social issues. She is often contracted as a consultant for creative content production and management. Her reach spans artistic, political and corporate communities. She is an Alumni of Leadership Austin Emerge and Artist INC.

Her unconventional background lent itself to the development of her private practice - SADEIZM Be Moved; as well as the non-profit performing arts organization Ashe Arts Austin. Sade seeks to continue in her purpose of showing how arts and culture can play a major role in shaping the conscience and consciousness of society. Her work aims to re-establish the leadership role that the arts have held throughout history.