Robert Charland
Pittsburgh City Council - Council President Bruce A. Kraus, Community Relations Manager

While he was watching election results come in that were certain to show a massive loss for one of his political heroes, Bob Charland decided that it was time for him to either start caring less or time to start doing more to affect elections. Soon after, he changed his plans and started looking for campaign work to help move his city and the region forward.

After different roles on a variety of campaigns, both in Pittsburgh and outside of it, he started working in Pittsburgh City Council. First as a Policy Analyst for Councilman Anthony Coghill and now as a Community Relations Manager for Council President Bruce A. Kraus, Bob has the opportunity to be the responsiveness and the outreach that most people experience  when they interact with their local representatives. These roles also provide an opportunity to see firsthand the successes and shortcomings that the region posses and to understand their nuance.

In addition to his work in City Council, Bob is a member of the South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition (SPOAC) as it addresses the needs of the South Pittsburgh communities where opioid addiction is ravaging neighborhoods. Previously Bob has volunteered with the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council and has tutored ESL adults as they prepare for their GED exams. In his spare time, Bob enjoys listening to podcasts, following the Pirates and chasing plastic in a spirited game of ultimate frisbee.