Robert Abrahamian is a native of Fox Point, WI who has a strong passion for public service and creating a more just society through resilient communities. He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Hydrology & Water Resources and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He is currently a Legislative Aide at the Wisconsin State Capitol for State Representative Greta Neubauer and State Representative Katrina Shankland. After graduation, he worked in Eau Claire, WI for AFT-Wisconsin as a Political Organizer, fighting for workers and educators across Wisconsin, and effectively carrying out the political program for the 2018 elections in Wisconsin. Aside from education, major issues of focus and high priority for Robert include environmental issues, environmental justice, and social justice.

Throughout his college career, he worked through student government and other organizations to improve the experience of all students at UW-Stevens Point, serving as Chief of Staff, Environmental & Sustainability Affairs Director, as well as the Sustainability Director for the University of Wisconsin System Student Representatives. He has focused significantly on climate change solutions and the intersection of climate and various other social issues.

Having been a leader in organizations such as 350 Stevens Point and Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Robert stresses the need to focus on climate change through political will, while also making sure that the movement is inclusive and intersectional. In the Milwaukee area, main issues that Robert hopes to address include transit – there is a significant need for sustainable and equitable transit – as well as a breadth of other issues such as economic inequality, racial tensions, and educational opportunities. Milwaukee has been seeing significant investment and prosperity – for some. He wants to help ensure that all people in Milwaukee have access to that investment and prosperity.