Rita Hill
Community Engagement Instructor, Thinkful

Rita Hill is a software engineer and the founder of Refactoring Tech, a non-profit organization devoted to the inclusion and advancement of junior and experienced technologists from underrepresented groups. She is also is a Community Engagement Instructor at Thinkful, where she creates and instructs weekly webinars on introductory software development concepts and mentors students going through Thinkful's Software Engineering tracks. For the last two years, she has worked as a Senior Instructor at CodeWizardsHQ, where she teaches web development courses to late elementary and high school students around the world.

Rita is very passionate about creating diverse and inclusive communities where learners of all ages can come together to learn the skills needed to break into any field in the technology industry. Before starting Refactoring Tech in 2018, Rita worked with other national nonprofits for women in tech but found that they lacked the policies and support needed to create and foster safe and truly inclusive spaces for women of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Refactoring Tech currently offers panels, workshops, classes, and networking events to over 500 members in Richmond, Virginia and Seattle Washington.

When Rita is not working, you can find her outdoors, looking for a new hiking spot or a place to practice yoga.