Rilwan Oyetunji
Candidate for PhD, University of Kentucky
Rilwan Oyetunji is a graduate research assistant in University of Kentucky (UK), where he is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE). He has previously served in various roles on the university’s Graduate Student Congress and is currently serving on the graduate and research studies committee in the BAE department. Before joining UK, Rilwan had obtained a Bachelor and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Mississippi and Florida State University, respectively. After acquiring these degrees, he went to Nigeria, his country of origin, and worked in the plastic manufacturing industry, real estate industry, and HVAC industry while also doing a little bit of entrepreneurial businesses. After obtaining a Ph.D., Rilwan hopes to begin a career in science policy that is aimed towards creating a thriving environment for the growth of small and medium scale businesses. He also plans to write articles in science policy forums to inspire the collaboration of stakeholders, who are responsible for creating affordable technologies that will benefit small and medium scale businesses. When Rilwan is not working he enjoys going on long walks and having great conversations with friends, colleagues, and family members. As a lifelong learner, Rilwan also enjoys reading books and listening to podcasts.