Rachel Rosales
Associate Program Manager, Finance and Compliance, Executive Office of Health and Human Services- MassHealth

Rachel Rosales is an advocate and health policy professional dedicated to creating equitable access to healthcare through policy initiatives. Rachel is currently an Associate Program Manager in Finance and Compliance for MassHealth's DSRIP program, which is an innovative restructuring of Massachusetts's Medicaid program to integrate and coordinate care. In her role, she develops payment models and quantitative analyses that respond to state health policies.

Rachel's interest in health policy stems from her frustration with the opaque nature of the healthcare system. She previously served as a patient advocate and felt discouraged by the unfortunate circumstances many of the patients she worked with faced. This frustration led her to move from Southern California to Boston in pursuit of a Master of Public Health at Boston University, as Boston was the birthplace of the Affordable Care Act and many other influential health policies.

Rachel's other passion is her family. She is extremely close to her family and seeks to make others feel included like family as well. As such, Rachel strives for inclusivity in all spaces. She is part of a Diversity Committee and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the workplace. She is also part of the CARES ministry at her parish in which she visits isolated and sick members of the parish. Rachel also enjoys dancing, running, sitting down with a good book, and spending quality time with loved ones.