Phakisha Peterson
Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

Phakisha L. Peterson is from El Paso, Texas, and currently serves as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State. In her work stateside and abroad, Ms. Peterson interprets U.S. foreign policy to the governments of host countries and fosters friendly political and trade relations. She also helps to ensure the welfare of Americans visiting or residing in foreign countries.

Ms. Peterson was led to the State Department by an interest in public service after years of working in freelance journalism and private industry. The State Department provided opportunities in which Ms. Peterson could apply her existing skills and abilities, and incorporate her passions and values, to include philanthropy, connection and movement. Ms. Peterson's experience has deepened her appreciation for cultural and political differences. From the examination of present-day slavery, discussions about the role of religion in society with highly-regarded religious leaders to banter regarding the status of dogs in America as virtual family members, her work at the State Department has has undoubtedly enhanced her worldview.

Outside of the office, Ms. Peterson likes to spend time with her family in El Paso. She enjoys novels, theatre, creative pursuits, and listening to podcasts such as Revisionist History and Your First Million. She speaks French and is always open to improve her language ability over coffee or drinks. Ms. Peterson is also an amateur surfer, and has caught waves off the coasts of Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia, Senegal, Mauritania and Ghana.