Perri Devon-Sand
High School History Teacher, San Mateo Union High School District

Perri Devon-Sand has been working in the education sector for the past eleven years and is currently teaching World History to passionate, engaged, and hysterical teenagers in San Mateo. While she always knew she would work with high school students as a former camp counselor (and oldest sibling by many years), it was not until the 2008 presidential race and the rise of Barack Obama that she truly found her passion for current events, politics, and history. After working as an assistant under a fantastic history teacher in Chicago, Perri moved to New York City to pursue a Master in the Art of Teaching Social Studies at Columbia University's Teachers College. After three years in the New York City school system, she became increasingly curious in and excited by the prospect of living abroad so she could learn more about international education, improve her Spanish, and immerse herself in an entirely new culture and lifestyle. It was then that Perri accepted a job at the American School Foundation of Mexico City where she was fortunate to teach history, philosophy, and run the Model United Nations Club. Now settled in the Bay, Perri is interested in learning more about the persistent inequities that plague our education system and how we can best address them from both the grassroots and government angles. When she's not convincing high schoolers how awesome history is or offering free therapy sessions to her students, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, cooking, attending City Arts and Lecture/Commonwealth talks, and exercising in the beautiful Bay Area.