Penelope Barrett
Penelope Barrett, P.A., Attorney

Penelope D. Barrett is a polymath with a strong commitment to service in her community. Penelope is a respected lawyer, leader, and entrepreneur who currently operates her own law firm focused on small business and real estate. She also holds mediation certifications that she uses for negotiations to create deals beneficial to all parties. Ms. Barrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Illinois University and a Juris Doctorate from Barry University School of Law. She has continuously received multiple academic and career awards throughout her various positions, often climbing the ladder quickly in her chosen profession.

Penelope grew up dreaming of attaining the highest levels of education to make a positive impact in the world. In pursuit of that goal, she chose to work as a teacher, trainer, paramedic and a lawyer to help those in need. Along her journey, Penelope has reaffirmed her purpose in education and her commitment to making lives better for those around her.

As a paramedic, she witnessed firsthand the problems surrounding access to adequate healthcare. As a teacher, she found the joy of shaping young mind of tomorrow for future leadership roles. As a trainer, she worked to help adults of all ages transition confidently into new careers. And as a lawyer, she has seen the negative impact the legal system has on those who must represent themselves, usually due to lack of finances. Penelope wants to harness the power of media and technology to highlight the issues, provide workable solutions, and engage the community and the world.

Penelope uses her unique blend of skills and education in her practice every day and in her daily life. She is excited about the potential of life skills education to impact the quality of life for a community and an individual. Her main goal is to position people to live their best life through education and to be a voice of the community.

Outside of work, Penelope is an excellent cook and enjoys acting with her improv comedy group. Penelope strives to help others be enablers of change in their own lives through coaching and education. She looks forward to opportunities that allow her to use her multiple skills for the community, whether in education, non-profit or speaking engagements.