Peggy Carter
CBRE, Sr. Business Analyst

Peggy Carter is a Native Texan who came up through the Dallas Independent School District. Peggy is dedicated to getting others involved in voting. She believes that when more people participate in government it works a lot better. Over the course of a year, she has been working Texas Deputy of Voter Registers to increase the voters registered in Texas. With her hard work with the Denton Vote Group were able to increase Denton County register voters by 4%. She also plans to help bring more community centers to rural areas.


Peggy has worked with United Way helping to set up donating campaigns at her old corporate office. She served on the planning board for American Cancer Association Relay for Life for the Carrollton/ The Colony. Currently she is involved in her current employer African American Networking Group.

Peggy has her Bachelor’s in Accounting and Information Management from The University of Texas at Dallas. She currently works for a Project Management team as a Sr. Business Analyst.