Pedro Mejia
He/ Him/His
Community Relations Coordinator, The City of Columbus

Pedro David Mejia is a committed public-sector leader who has produced positive results for the residents of Columbus, Ohio, by utilizing a deep knowledge of civil rights law, project management, community engagement, public speaking, marketing, and website development. He is currently a Community Relations Coordinator for the City of Columbus in the Department of Neighborhoods. In his role, he investigates and endeavors to reconcile complaints of discrimination that may be in violation of the local non-discrimination ordinance. Pedro was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and grew up in a mixed-status household. It was the numerous visits to his father's native Guatemala that instilled in him a passion to solve issues of inequity. He relocated to his mother's hometown of Canton, Ohio in 2009 and received the Gates Millennium Scholarship, allowing him to attend The Ohio State University and study Political Science and International Relations. Pedro began working for the City of Columbus in 2017 and feels privileged to work with local leaders to solve community challenges. Pedro volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Hispanic Mentoring Program and received the 2019 Community Based Spotlight Match award. In addition, he was elected as President of his local Civic Association in 2019 and hopes to continue to work with neighbors to create a happy, safe, and diverse neighborhood. Pedro was taught the value of universal human rights by his father's hardships and journey to the United States, and hopes to leverage his education to create equitable opportunities for all Columbus residents.