Patrick Deering
He/ Him/His
Specialist, Corporate Compliance/Candidate for JD, Nationwide Mutual Ins Co/Capital University Law School

Pat Deering spends his time as an activist at the confluence of performing arts, protest, and radical reproductive justice. Pat is committed to using performance art to find new avenues to combat anti-choice legislation, police brutality, and family separation in central Ohio. As a co-founder and producer of "Columbus: Stand Up for Choice," a quarterly pro-choice comedy show and rally, Pat is proud to have assisted with raising over $15,000 and signing up hundreds of new volunteers for central Ohio reproductive rights organizations. Past beneficiaries have included Women Have Options — Ohio, NARAL ProChoice Ohio, Black Mamas Bail Out Project, and Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT).

Pat is a firm believer that Ohio's cash bail system - which routinely financially cripples families for minor, non-violent infractions — also has long-term negative health effects on children, mothers, and communities. In its current form, Ohio's pre-trial detention of poor parents is flagrantly unjust and disproportionately impacts children who have had nothing to do with the infractions their parents have been accused of; the punishment of people unrelated to an infraction is inherently cruel and unusual. Pat hopes to focus his capstone on a project that advances the mission to abolish cash bail during pre-trial detention.

Pat is a born and raised Ohioan currently residing in Columbus, OH. Originally from Cleveland, he studied Political Sciences at Wittenberg University, with a focus on special interest groups, political parties, and voter issue salience. Pat is currently an Evening 3L at Capital University Law School where he chairs the school's chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. He is a multi-class winner of the CALI Excellence for the Future Award and a winner of the Trustee's Merit and Paul T Santilli Scholarships. Pat is focused on constitutional law and civil rights litigation, in particular Title VIl, FLSA, FMLA, and ?1983 actions.