Patricia Cameron
Executive Director, Blackpackers

Patricia Cameron was born and raised in the Washington DC area before relocating to Colorado Springs in 1994. She founded Blackpackers in 2019 with the goal of "economic equity in outdoor recreation." Ms. Cameron is also a writer with bylines in The Denver Post, The Colorado Sun, and Elevation Outdoors, among other publications. She studied emergency medical services and philosophy at Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, respectively. Prior to starting Blackpackers, she worked in pre-hospital care and in healthcare management for 11 years. In addition to running her own business she works as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Mountain Equipment Recyclers in Colorado Springs.

Ms. Cameron spends most of her spare time outdoors as an avid angler, lightweight backpacker, and outdoor adventure leader. She is a proud and outspoken community member of southeastern Colorado Springs - advocating for the people of southern Colorado who are often overlooked, unheard, and/or ignored. Her greatest role is as the mother of an amazing teenage boy who is the primary motivation behind her activism.