O'Sha Williams
Education Policy Fellow, Office of Gov. Gina Raimondo

O'Sha is a policy advocate and previously a classroom teacher, from Jamaica, Queens, New York. Through years of teaching high school multilingual learners in Providence, Rhode Island, O'Sha began her language justice coalition-building work with students, community organizations and government. These efforts pushed for improved educational experiences for all of her students, the majority of whom identify as black or brown and from low-income households. Through her senior Research Methods and freshman English as a New Language classes, students asked questions that highlighted and challenged the inequities they experienced daily as well as diminishing hope and opportunity in their communities. Since being called to coalition by youth across the school and city, O'Sha has collaborated with critical contributors of grassroots Providence-based organizations, district and state-level leadership. As a member of this coalition, she pursues inspired learning, radical institutional restructuring, research-informed and equity-driven schools.

Presently, at the heart of O'Sha's policy work is the mission to provide exceptional learning experiences for multilingual communities and make teaching a competitive, compelling and accessible option for all educators and in particular people who are of color, multilingual, or from low-income backgrounds. As a Leadership in Educational Equity education policy fellow in the Office of Governor Gina Raimondo, O'Sha advises interagency policy development through her lens as a Providence public school teacher intent upon the delivery of quality education to all students.

O'Sha earned her masters degrees in Education and Urban Education Policy, is a graduate of Brown University, member of Congdon Street Baptist Church, and gospel, soul, and R&B enthusiast.