Oliver Warfield
He/ Him/His
Product Manager, Cozy

Oliver Warfield is a Product Manager for Cozy, guiding the strategic direction of the rental property management software application. At Cozy, he's led Fair Housing initiatives to embed best practices in Apartments.com and driven workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. He believes that technology built with intention has the power to markedly improve the lives of people in marginalized groups. Oliver is an out and proud trans man and serves as a business advisory council member for the PDX Trans Works Project, a movement that is empowering transgender and nonbinary people to build the careers and businesses of their dreams.

Oliver is passionate about investigating the ways that technology can improve healthcare and medical research, an interest that has persisted since his pre-med studies and lab research at Colorado College. While he's still ideating about the details, Oliver has ambitions to start a health tech initiative that improves preventative care experiences for people who self-select out of going to routine health check ups.

When he's not on the job, you might catch Oliver adventuring with his three and a half-legged golden retriever, or up on stage performing stand up comedy where he offers humorous insight into just how much your gender impacts how the world treats you.