Olaolu Soyode
He/ Him/His
Senior Manager, Risk Advisory and Assurance Services, Carnival Corporation & Plc

Olaolu Soyode is a Business leader, strategist and data scientist with many years of hands-on business, information technology and academic expertise. He is a proven problem solver, strategist and business leader.

He currently the leads the Carnival Corporations' Risk advisory and assurance services risk analytics function, where he helps the organization innovate in risk management and data-driven auditing within the complex and intricate business operations of the largest leisure travel company in the world.

Olaolu graduated from the University of Agriculture Abeokuta Nigeria in 2003 with honors in Mathematics and Computer Science and went on to obtain an MSc in Computer Science at Coventry University, Coventry United Kingdom.

In the past, Olaolu held various functions along the length and breadth of information technology, business analytics and data management at many top level organizations such as Microsoft Corporation, Ultimate Software, Carnival Corporation to name a few. He is widely recognized as a leading expert in Business Intelligence, data analytics and business analytics strategy.

Outside of work, he is an active member in various global organizations. He is currently a director of the International Academy for the gifted. An organization committed to the identification, classification, stratification and fortification of gifted children globally. In addition, Olaolu is also a member of the Kangaroo Sans Fronti?res (KSF) a niche organization of mathematicians, motivated by the importance of mathematics in the modern world, their passion is to spread the joy of mathematics, support mathematical education in schools and promote a positive perception of mathematics in society. He is also an active mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami organization.

For leisure, Olaolu is also a part time saxophonist and classical music enthusiast.